Halo 3 ODST Live Action HD

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Added this nice trailer to the video collection..

Download Halo 3 ODST Live Action HD FullLenght

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Halo ODST Live Action Trailer

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The Halo saga continues…


Halo LandFall Short Movie

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Nerds at QuakeCon 2009

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Oh yeah! 😆

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Quake Live! is LIVE!

UPDATE:The game is no longer Free to Play.

Just a short reminder to tell you that Quake Live is ehm.. Live.. 😆

Many years have passed and what was the edge of technology some years ago, now is a free and fully functional fps multiplayer directly playable in the browser.

Quake Live
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Quake Live Open Beta starts 24.02.2009


UPDATE:The game is no longer Free to Play.

Open Beta starts 24 february 2009.

Created by id Software as an all-new way to deliver the excitement and energy of first-person multiplayer action to a broader audience than ever before, QUAKE LIVE offers game players of all skill levels a totally free and easily accessible multiplayer game and community through a single website at Every element of the experience, including friends lists and communication, sponsored events and tournaments, matchmaking, stats tracking, and even the game itself is accessed and delivered free of charge through the web browser. Integrated with IGA’s proprietary SDK, QUAKE LIVE will offer companies and agencies fresh opportunities to dynamically-target brands to audiences within a broadly accessible version of one of the world’s premiere game franchises, while also offering gamers a totally free premium game, fun events and a vibrant, active community of other players.

Quake Live
10 bytes - 1,313 downloads

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Counter Strike Live

CSLIVE is a web browser based online 2d Shooter. It is clone of Counter Strike. Game supports the multiplayer game over internet or lan. And its Free to play! open souce!
This project is still in development.

* Features
** Free open source Server And Web Client.
** Online Gaming (Internet & Lan)
** Team DeathMatch
** All Weapons from Counter-Strike. (now avaible only Desert Eagle, AK-47, Colt M4A1 Carbine)
** Map making using Level Editor.
** All Counter Strike classic maps

* System Requements:
** Microsoft .net Framwork 3.5 – link
** Microsoft Silverlight 2 – link
** Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 6+ or Google Chrome

Official open beta tests will be ran every day 20:00 – 21:00 +2GTM at

G4G Entry

If you like this type of game you may wish to check Counter-strike 2D too…

Link Counter-Strike 2D

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XBOX Xtival 2008

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from Xbox live:

We’ve cranked up the volume for Xtival ’08 with 72 hours of controlled mayhem that you’ll never forget. Xtival is a three-day party that’s FREE for EVERYONE on Xbox LIVE; even Silver members will be able to experience the thrill of multiplaying with their friends – all weekend! So get your friends together and enjoy LIVE to the max. This year brings exclusive new music videos, HD movies and new games to download. You can chat to our headline act The Prodigy, and take advantage of multiplayer using FIFA’s new 10v10 feature. Above all else this is your chance to play your favourite games with your mates – like there’s no tomorrow!

from 28 to 30 november 2008.

LINK (english site)

The xbox live site is available in many language, please check your country.

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Artillery Live, Space invaders, Pyramid Runners and more..

Hi if you have some time to waste, i added some flashgames in the gallery. The most notable is the (i think) well known Artillery Live.


PLAY Space Invaders (The classic remake in flash)

PLAY Pyramid Runner (Lode Runner remix)

PLAY Mahjongg Artifacts 2

and much more

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