LOGOS cards – collectible card game created for Second Life

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The Author of the game sent us words about his work, and we gladly report it to you… I must admit this is really an original work, a game made inside a game.. If you are a Second Life player and have tried this game please share your thoughts with us via comments..

LOGOS cards™ is an exciting new cyberpunk themed Collectible Card game which takes all of the fun and excitement of traditional games and brings it into the collaborative virtual world known as Second Life®. Collect your scifi cards, build your ultimate deck, then be prepared to go head-to-head with your adversaries, in a no holds barred battle for universal domination! Mount your attacks using the Logos Cards in combination with the advanced HUD (Head-up display). All actions are projected onto the the players avatar using visual effects, animations, and sound effects, for a truly fun and immersive battle experience.


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