Elders of Madness

Elders of Madness is the result of seven months of hard work in which, the development team, composed of 120 guys from high school and supported by great professionals of the sector, indies, famous youtubers, musicians and bloggers from the specialized press, has managed to develop a beautiful and exciting game. The goal was that students would be motivated and interested in the world of creation, graphic design, music creation and programming while put into practice all the theoretical contents they have been studying during the course in many subjects.


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Rolling Madness 3D

Rolling Madness 3D is Luca Elia’s attempt at remaking the classic 1984 arcade game Marble Madness by Atari. The graphics are slightly enhanced to bring them on par with modern standards: there is now a full 3D mode in addition to the usual isometric perspective one, a “pastel drawing” rendering mode and various camera placement options.


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Trackballs is a marble game inspired by the 80’s Atari classic Marble Madness. Features 3D graphics, an integerated level editor and highquality soundeffects and background music.


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All the Mirrors have been restored

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Do you remeber the Megaupload Gate? Well with that other filehosters decided to play in advance and (in my case) i found out some time ago Filesonic had deleted all my files! We had some files hosted there, it took some time but now all the files are back on g4g.it Not all the files were recovered…

The files not recovered are:

SoramiGoGo v1.02 – the Author Site is offline
Tower Commodore v1.5c – the Author removed the official download
Halo mod (CnC Tiberian Sun) – the link is broken
Broken Sword 2.5 FR Mac – dunno where to download it

Other few files were outdated and or abandoned so i decided to not support them with mirrors anymore.

If you are one of the Authors of this 4 games or you simply download one of this in the past and still have it, please contact me or comment posting some links i would like to host the files again, thanks.

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300! What the…

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Sorry but i really couldn’t refrain from posting this.. 😆


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Classic Sparta

This video is old, but it always makes the job.. 😆


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Ultimate Baja Madness (ad-supported)

This game was full retail but now it is being offered with ad support.

“Ultimate Baja Madness” – is a funny and captivating race on powerful off-roadsters. You have perfect tracks spread out in the very picturesque regions of Latin America: seaside, desert, mountains, estuary of a dry river, famous red canyons and lost cities of the ancient civilizations.


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