Created for the 25Th anniversary of the game BARBARIAN in 2012, here is an “open source” clone of the versions of Amstrad CPC , Commodore 64 , Spectrum ,Atari ST ,Amiga 500, PC and AppleII. The various versions of the game can be played on PC Windows or a Sega Megadrive(emulated or real console).


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Play Sega MegaDrive Games in the Browser

Here is a website that allows to play old Sega Megadrive-Genesis games directly in the browser via Flash. The games can be played on Windows, Linux and Mac Os X.


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Mr. Nutz 2

This is a special one. Mr Nutz 2 for Sega Megadrive, as far as i may know this game was never released on this console, someone got the source code and another (talented) guy compiled it in a working rom for Sega Megadrive (or emulator).


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Shiru’s Stuff

Shiru is a talented russian retro-coder and musicmaker, he write games and apps for old consoles (Nes,Megadrive etc). While noting the game for nes Zooming Secretary (video) i saw his ftp files and decided to make a package of it. You can download any single file at Shiru’s Homepage, the package i made is just for all-convenience download and it will be outdated at some point in time. Have fun!


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100 Games in 10 minutes (multiplatform)

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I thought it was nice to make a post with links to all this great videos…


Super Nintendo (SNES)

Commodore 64

Nintendo (NES)

Sega Genesis – Megadrive

Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Color

Nintendo 64

Playstation 1 (PSX)

Playstation 2 (PSX2)

ZX Spectrum

Sega Master System

BONUS: 100 Gamemaker Games

BONUS: Mozart – Türkischer Marsch

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