Mega(Upload) is back

Do you remember the non-sense of some time ago? It appears that KimDotCom the guy behind Megaupload started a new cloud based sharing file service..


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All the Mirrors have been restored

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Do you remeber the Megaupload Gate? Well with that other filehosters decided to play in advance and (in my case) i found out some time ago Filesonic had deleted all my files! We had some files hosted there, it took some time but now all the files are back on g4g.it Not all the files were recovered…

The files not recovered are:

SoramiGoGo v1.02 – the Author Site is offline
Tower Commodore v1.5c – the Author removed the official download
Halo mod (CnC Tiberian Sun) – the link is broken
Broken Sword 2.5 FR Mac – dunno where to download it

Other few files were outdated and or abandoned so i decided to not support them with mirrors anymore.

If you are one of the Authors of this 4 games or you simply download one of this in the past and still have it, please contact me or comment posting some links i would like to host the files again, thanks.

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What the Hell is going on in Amerika?

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First they propose an internet law that if approved will transform USA in some kind of China-Iran, with censor in power to limit the expression and freedom of information of american citizen, now the FBI a federal police of USA which is supposed to hunt down serial killers, mafia, organized crimes, drugs and other important things, use precious resources to shut down MegaUpload? MegaUpload is (should i say was) a very famous file sharing site, hell even i knew it! Ok there were copyrighted materials over it, but what about all the legit files, and btw the FBI!!! I mean the FBI!! I think this corporations are really starting to greed too much.. and they maybe have some money-friend at the FBI.. πŸ˜†

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