Impossible Mission and other games

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Impossible Mission playable directly on the browser.


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CRW Metal Jacket (CRW メタルジャケット)

CRW Metal Jacket is an isometric strategy game that plays somewhat like the battles in the first X-COM game, except you control mech pilots in a real-time environment fighting insurgents in a futuristic Japan setting. There is no base-building like in X-COM, but you are able to customize you the mechs and upgrade your pilot’s stats however you want with bonus points you earn after each mission they survive. Another game to compare with is Squaresoft’s Front Mission. CRW Metal Jacket actually was released a few months before Front Mission, and the games do share some pretty heavy similarities.

This is an english patch for a japanese game released in 1994. The game requires an emulator to run (PC-98). For windows, linux and mac.


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Combat Mission: Shock Force v1.11 Demo

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Combat Mission Shock Force Demo (v1.11)

This demo showcases both the basic Shock Force game as well as the Marines Module, sold separately from the basic game. The Combat Mission: Shock Force Demo will require approximately 1 Gigabyte of free space on your hard drive in order to install.


* Includes three scenarios which can be played as either US or Syrian
* Includes a fourth scenario, “Demo Training” which was designed to only be played from the US perspective
* All multiplayer modes are active (TCP-IP, PBEM, Hotseat)
* You can access the full Game Editor, but the save function is disabled.
* The original full game manual is included as a pdf file
* The demo scenarios are only in English. See Game Language Info below for more details on how to play these battles in other languages.



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