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The game S.A.W.Z.E. (Super Awesome Wheelchair Zombie Escape) was developed as a student project during the winter semester 2014 at the Games Academy in Berlin. S.A.W.Z.E. is inspired by the old school arcade legend “Pac-man” and it aims to bring out the hectic and dynamic gameplay into a modern theme with more complex mechanics. The main goal of S.A.W.Z.E. is to add diverse features like collectable power up items or different opponent types, as well as to add level objectives for the player to accomplish, while keeping simple and dynamic gameplay.


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World of Tanks and World of Warships Flashgames

Two mini promotional games from Wargaming. Wolrd of Tanks and World of Warships.


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Digimorf’s Flash Emulators

Here is a collections of website where you can play games for SEGA SG-1000 / SC-3000 consoles, CBS Colecovision, MSX 1 and SEGA Master System via emulators directly in the browser made in flash! There are also 6 Arcades emulated games.


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World Biggest PacMan

If you know PacMan the original arcade, watching this photo, you would have noticed that the level is different.. There is a site where you can build your custom pacman maze and play it!


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PacMan on Google

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When some events or anniversary occur, Google change its banner to highlight that day, for the 30th anniversary of PacMan, they changed their logo in a playable PacMan game!


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Another manic monday.. some flashgames?

Added some games in the flashgames gallery section..

Stunt Pilot

Rocket Assault

DownHill SnowBoard

Ms. PacMan

Check the others flashgames in the gallery…

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Against PacMan, Barbarian, Alien Breed Tower Defense and some other cool flashgame


This is a really nice remake of the old classic Barbarian (i played it on C64)


How about playing PacMan, using one of the Ghost? 😀


If you ever played TD (tower defense) and Alien Breed (Amiga) probably u’ll remind both in this flashgame.

Added more cool games, oh almost forgot

you can find them in the flash-gallery..

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