GalaxyTrail Gamepack

This gamepack contains some of the games made by GalaxyTrail.


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GalPaniX (Gals Panic remake)

A nice remake of an old arcade from kaneko, Gals Panic… where are the gals gone?

GalPaniX is a freeware clone of Gals Panic, a series of Japanese arcade games where the objective is to draw connecting lines to uncover a background picture, while avoiding collision with a plethora of enemies and their projectiles showering from all directions. The gameplay is similar to Qix, while at the same time implementing some of the ideas found on scrolling shooters.


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Produce Panic DM v1.0.1

Welcome to the first Penny Arcade game for the PC! Produce Panic Features the Fruit Fakers 2000, but is based on the whole series in general. This game is something of a genre variety pack in that it has a little something for everyone. Run (or fly) around as your favorite juicer in an all out death match, or play cooperatively with friends and compete against other teams of Fruit Fakers to capture their receipt so they can be taken back to the store. There will also be racing and space dogfights. A little something for everyone!
Let the juicing begin!


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