Fuck Oregon, Let’s Go Find EL DORADO

Fuck Oregon, Let’s Go Find EL DORADO is a nice physic game where you must reach El Dorado in a limited time.

An hilarious reference to Oregon Trail’s game.

– realistic Conestoga wagon physics
– 3 exciting diseases
– the legendary city of gold

Download Oregon (the entire State 😆 )

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Soup du Jour

Soup du Jour is a matching game like no other, with rubbery physics, stretchy sound effects and rule-breaking gameplay. Tug and toss colorful candies. Bring them together and watch them burst. Making candy soup is easy –until Le Chef swaps pans or the Kitchen Gremlin arrives!

Download Soup du Jour

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Gum Drop Celestial Frontier

The shooter where you don’t shoot, but smash your enemies. Featuring physics based gameplay in space, Gum Drop defines a new way to play SHMUP’s by removing the shooting mechanic and adding a big ball attached to your ship that you use to smash your opponents. Featuring 20 levels of destruction, and a infinite mode where you can smash enemies indefinitely.

* Fight in the colorful depths of outer space in a beautiful 2D top down view
* Link to your S.M.A.S.H to swing it around or throw it at enemies for metal bending destruction
* Leave you S.M.A.S.H unlinked and let it follow you around or direct it to S.M.A.S.H directly into your opponents
* Fight over 15 different enemies of various shapes,sizes, and behaviors
* Feed your base with Gum Drops to get more Power-Ups that will give you the advantage you need



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The Magic Toy Chest is FREE Thru July 5th

From the Author Site:

To Celebrate the United State’s Birthday and to help out during this Recession, we’ve decided to give away the Magic Toy Chest absolutely FREE! That’s right. Our family themed physics puzzle game is completely free thru July 5th, so tell your friends.

All you have to do is use this coupon code on the Buy Now Page:


Sometimes it takes a little while to get the hang of a game and start to enjoy it. The Magic Toy Chest is one of those games that doesn’t necessarily hook you in the first 30-60 minutes. That’s why it has received good reviews and a Bytten Gold Star Award, but hasn’t necessarily been selling up to its potential. I just want more people to experience this homage to the incredible machine and hopefully nab some new followers and fans along the way for our next title.

Click here to get the Game


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Cargo Bridge and others

A nice Bridge Building game.

Click here to PLAY

Other Bridge Games:

Bridging the gap 2

Bridge Construction SET (Macintosh Demo)

Bridge Builder Game

Other Flashgames:



Theatre of War 2 Africa 1943

Willy Mountain Party (Jet Set Willy Remake!)

Doom, Heretic Hexen (ShareWare)

Adventures in Atria 2

and much more if you want check them out HERE

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Impulse J – World of Goo in flash

A nice goo type of game made in flash.



Author Site


World of Goo

World of Goo soundTrack

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Penumbra v1.1 and Black Plague – Requiem

Ok this is 2 years old, but recently in italy one game magazine is selling with the paper the Penumbra:Black Plague and its data disk Requiem, so i took the occasion to re-post the first (free) of this great horror adventure game saga, made by a swedish independent developers.

Download Penumbra v1.1

For Italians: Nel numero 154 di Aprile, in edicola dal 20 Marzo, GMC allega Penumbra Black Plague + Requiem. GMC Budget allega FlatOut 2.


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Minotaur China Shop

Serve fine china to discerning mythological customers. Breaking items will cost you money. However, break LOTS of items and you’ll enter Minotaur Rage, a crippling psychological condition. Your insurance will reimburse you for any items broken while enraged.

Minotaur China Shop is made with Unity, a technology which enables 3D and physics right in your web browser.



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Gravity Master (flashgames)

I found out this flashgame Gravity Master, it reminds me a lot crayon physics…

PLAY Gravity Master

Download Crayon Physics

Others physics game:

Download Physic Draw

PHUN (available for linux, and macintosh too)

Download Jello Car

and much more just browse our archive or use the search function.

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Teddy Wars v1.1 (minigame)

Teddy Wars™ is an episodic action comedy that utilizes those well known characters that lie on your pillow to thrust you into an action packed parody of epic proportions. Not only do your cuddly friends make fun of everything you know and love, but they have the craziest attitudes in the universe and will have all those nasty earth invading zombies, monsters, lamines and aliens, quivering in their exoskeletons.



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