25 fun things to do with a Raspberry Pi

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Do you remember the Raspberry Pi? The 25$ 15£ 18€ tiny Computer.


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Raspberry Pi a 25$ 15£ 18€ tiny Computer!

This a uk charity project which aims to give access to everyone to computer programming, an ultra-low-cost computer, tiny for any students, even those who can’t afford a normal pc. I can’t believe nowdays in many countries, students keep going to school using paper books! And some of this books cost more than this little computer! Obviously being so small and economic this computer will have many possible application, i let you imagine which ones. Also note that this mini pc can run Quake 3 game without any problem.

This is a glimpse of the Future!


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Pi Story (casual mmo)

Pi Story is an action-adventure game in which you travel through instanced dungeons with a party of 8 or less. Outside of dungeons, you will be located in a town where you may find others to party with, buy and sell equipment, as well as do various quests given to you by a Non-player character (NPC).

Players start off as a Novice, and eventually are able to choose one of four different classes; Fighter, Cleric, Magician (Mage), and Thief.



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