The Dark Plague

You are a charlatan, trapped in the previous doctor’s home while the townspeople outside are screaming for your blood. Make a cure or find a way to escape before they end you.


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The Halloween Plague

The Plague, the 17th century horror game to chill the bones! The action takes place during The Great Plague of London. For Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.


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Penumbra v1.1 and Black Plague – Requiem

Ok this is 2 years old, but recently in italy one game magazine is selling with the paper the Penumbra:Black Plague and its data disk Requiem, so i took the occasion to re-post the first (free) of this great horror adventure game saga, made by a swedish independent developers.

Download Penumbra v1.1

For Italians: Nel numero 154 di Aprile, in edicola dal 20 Marzo, GMC allega Penumbra Black Plague + Requiem. GMC Budget allega FlatOut 2.


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