Interstellar Marines BullsEye (Preview)

Interstellar Marines Bullseye is a playable preview introducing some of the weapon shooting mechanics from the game. In a series of advanced weapons training programs, ITO AI ‘SARA’ tests the capabilities of gamers, to calculate if they have what it takes to become an Interstellar Marine.

IM is published by Everyone who will purchase the game!


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Fantasy Earth Zero Preview

S​q​u​a​r​e​ ​E​n​i​x​ ​a​n​d​ ​G​a​m​e​p​o​t​ ​U​S​A​ ​h​a​v​e​ ​p​a​r​t​n​e​r​e​d​ ​u​p​ ​t​o​ ​d​e​l​i​v​e​r​ ​a​ ​n​e​w​ ​f​r​e​e​-​t​o​-​p​l​a​y​ ​f​a​n​t​a​s​y​ ​M​M​O​G​ ​d​u​b​b​e​d​ ​”​F​a​n​t​a​s​y​ ​E​a​r​t​h​ ​Z​e​r​o​”​ ​t​o​ ​M​M​O​G​ ​f​a​n​s​ ​i​n​ ​Q​1​ ​2​0​1​0​.

F​a​n​t​a​s​y​ ​E​a​r​t​h​ ​Z​e​r​o​ ​w​i​l​l​ ​f​o​c​u​s​ ​o​n​ ​P​v​P​v​E​ ​(​P​l​a​y​e​r​ ​v​s​.​ ​P​l​a​y​e​r​ ​v​s​.​ ​E​n​v​i​r​o​n​m​e​n​t​)​ ​g​a​m​e​p​l​a​y​ ​a​n​d​ ​u​t​i​l​i​z​e​ ​a​ ​n​e​w​ ​”​H​y​p​e​r​-​A​c​t​i​v​e​ ​B​a​t​t​l​e​ ​S​y​s​t​e​m​,​”​ ​w​h​i​c​h​ ​a​i​m​s​ ​t​o​ ​d​e​l​i​v​e​r​ ​a​n​ ​e​x​h​i​l​a​r​a​t​i​n​g​ ​c​o​m​b​a​t​ ​e​x​p​e​r​i​e​n​c​e​ ​a​k​i​n​ ​t​o​ ​t​h​e​ ​”​b​e​s​t​ ​s​c​e​n​e​s​ ​i​n​ ​G​l​a​d​i​a​t​o​r​ ​o​r​ ​B​r​a​v​e​h​e​a​r​t​,​ ​w​i​t​h​ ​t​h​e​ ​a​c​t​i​o​n​ ​r​a​t​c​h​e​d​ ​u​p​ ​t​o​ ​2​0​.​”

A ​ ​f​a​m​i​l​i​a​r​ ​t​h​e​m​e​ ​f​o​r​ ​S​q​u​a​r​e​ ​E​n​i​x​ ​g​a​m​e​s​,​ ​F​a​n​t​a​s​y​ ​E​a​r​t​h​ ​Z​e​r​o​ ​i​s​ ​s​e​t​ ​i​n​ ​t​h​e​ ​w​o​r​l​d​ ​o​f​ ​M​e​l​p​h​a​r​i​a​,​ ​w​h​i​c​h​ ​h​a​s​ ​e​r​u​p​t​e​d​ ​i​n​t​o​ ​a​l​l​ ​o​u​t​ ​w​a​r​ ​o​v​e​r​ ​p​o​w​e​r​f​u​l​ ​c​r​y​s​t​a​l​s​ ​s​t​r​e​w​n​ ​t​h​r​o​u​g​h​o​u​t​ ​t​h​e​ ​w​o​r​l​d​.

P​l​a​y​e​r​s​ ​w​i​l​l​ ​b​e​ ​a​b​l​e​ ​t​o​ ​c​h​o​o​s​e​ ​f​r​o​m​ ​t​h​r​e​e​ ​d​i​s​t​i​n​c​t​ ​a​n​d​ ​h​i​g​h​l​y​ ​c​u​s​t​o​m​i​z​a​b​l​e​ ​c​l​a​s​s​e​s​,​ ​a​n​d​ ​f​i​v​e​ ​u​n​i​q​u​e​ ​k​i​n​g​d​o​m​s​,​ ​w​i​t​h​ ​t​h​e​ ​a​b​i​l​i​t​y​ ​f​o​r​ ​u​p​ ​t​o​ ​5​0​ ​v​s​.​ ​5​0​ ​P​v​P​ ​b​a​t​t​l​e​s​.​ ​T​h​e​ ​g​a​m​e​’​s​ ​s​o​u​n​d​t​r​a​c​k​ ​i​s​ ​b​e​i​n​g​ ​s​c​o​r​e​d​ ​b​y​ ​H​i​t​o​s​h​i​ ​S​a​k​a​m​o​t​o​,​ ​o​f​ ​F​i​n​a​l​ ​F​a​n​t​a​s​y​ ​T​a​c​t​i​c​s​ ​a​n​d​ ​F​i​n​a​l​ ​F​a​n​t​a​s​y​ ​X​I​I​ ​f​a​m​e​.


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Interstellar Marines: The Vault

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Made with the Unity engine and experienced directly in your browser, The Vault is the next step in the journey that is Zero Point Software’s Interstellar Marines.

“The Vault” is the first step on a long journey which will forever change the way you preview Interstellar Marines. Envisaged as the 21st century’s take on a game’s screenshot and video previewer, The Vault is an in-engine concept preview of some of the characters in Interstellar Marines.

To enter The Vault Click here


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GoGo Racer Preview

Kart online racing.
Compete in engaging races for car parts, medals, and above all else, fame! Players can race in head to head challenges, participate in team races, or establish the fastest racing time to declare superiority.

LINK to GoGo Racer


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Victory Age of Racing Preview

Race in a world inspired by the 1960’s Racing scene, as you take your customized car around hairpin turns, swerve past your opponents, and accelerate towards the finish line. A realistic physics engine gives you the thrill of driving over 200 mph.

p.s The Developer’s team is named Vae Victis and is an italian team. 😉

Link to Victory


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StarGate Worlds looks interesting… too bad there is a monthly fee.

Link to official site


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