NavyField 2 in the US and Europe in 2013

Nexon Europe announced that their newest online RTS, Navyfield 2, will be shown for the first time at gamescom 2012 in Germany. Navyfield 2 will feature the impressive Gamebryo engine and support upwards of 192 ships and 64 players. Playable ships will be from submarines to aircraft carriers, and players will be able to control & customize them down to their crew and equipment.

While in Japan NavyField 2 has been already released this 8th August.. Americans and Europeans will start the fights in 2013.


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Navy Field 2 in progress

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Well Navy Field 2 is currently under production.. by watching the videos and the screenshots it looks more like a NavyField 2.0 or deluxe edition.. and not a full 3d game.. Maybe it’s too early to talk about it since at the moment they are in a closed alpha testing.. enjoy the media..


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Physx Wars

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Physx Wars is a working-name for a game being developed by a team of Russians developers.
The Author (i guess) send us news about this via forum, it’s my pleasure to give it a shot for visibility on the main page.


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