Saints Row: Undercover

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Saints Row: Undercover is a cancelled PSP game by Volition. The prototype is fully playable in a PSP emulator as the PPSSPP.


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PPSSPP – A fast PSP Emulator

Here is an emulator for the Sony portable console.. free and open source it runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and other systems.


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GameMaker for PSP and Macintosh

GameMaker is a really fun and quite powerful program to create games without writing a single line of code, through you can add all the code you want to maximize the fun doing 2d games and obtaining pretty good results too. Recently i checked the Gamemaker blog and found out that a Macintosh port is on its way as a PSP port too, wow doing games (without coding) on a PlayStation Psp seems a cool idea..


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This project is for homebrew console development tools based on the gnu compiler collection with additional tools and libraries to aid programming each supported console.The windows variants will be MinGW based. For homebrew game development, currently available for GameBoy Advance, GP32, Playstation Portable and GameCube.
Link to DevkitPro

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