SideLine is a 2D side-scrolling shooter for DOS computers, created in the mid-90’s by a Taiwanese group called EMAG (Electronic Music and Animated Graphics, also GAME backwards). In October of 2013 a group of fans received permission from the game’s producer Jiun-Ming “Jimmy” Hwang to distribute SideLine’s original version.

Since the game requires DOSbox to run, this game is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.


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Absolute Blue

Fans of classical shooting games may rejoice. Absolute Blue is THE classical horizontal shoot’em up game of the new millenium.

You have to fight your way through 60 sectors of 4 graphically different worlds with 3 levels each. You can improve your ship with many upgrades and power-ups to transform it into the devastating battle force necessary to confront the endless waves of heavily armored enemy fighters and creatures that will cross your path…


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Hydorah is an horizontal Shoot ’em up, designed for experienced players, with a challenging level of dificulty and a great variety of levels and bosses.
If you fought the Bydo and shooted the Bacterians in the core, you are ready for the war against the evil god Hydorah. Choose the path to follow and fight planet by planet against hordes of meroptians. The game features lots of short and intense levels with fantasy spacial landscapes, unlockable weapons and secrets, and a large library of enemies and bosses. There is a single dificulty level, based on the 80’s standards. It can be very hard, but with every beaten level there will come the glory.


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Plaid Notion’s wAive

wAive is a shoot-em-up, or shmup created between July 1 and October 1 for SHMUP-DEV’s 2007 game development competition, where the theme was options -helper ships-.


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CLOUDPHOBIA Release No.27 Revision b


A very nice and good looking horizontal shoot ’em up, get in the cockpit of a mech! Give this game a try! 😉


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