Petrichor is a short puzzle game for Windows, Linux and Mac. Petrichor is the smell of rain. You wander the forest, breathe in the damp air. Eternal rain leaving puddles. You light a fire under a ledge to stay warm. In your pocket is a damp note you found in the mud…


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From the DigiPen students. Douse is a 2D poetic experience about a rain sprite who falls from the sky during a rain shower into a lush forest. He uses his ability to control rain to bring life back to the forest, and to playfully and curiously explore his new environment, all while looking for a way back home to the clouds.


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Heavy Rain Madison Shower

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Heavy Rain Madison Shower

Warning don’t watch this video if you plan on playing Heavy Rain, it contains spoilers!

Dragon’s Lair has evolved… ZZzzzZzzz..
But hey i used to like Dragon’s Lair, i wonder if this game is all “interactive” movie or has some more playable parts..

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City Rain – Building Sustainability

A mix of Tetris and Sim City.

In this fun and exciting game, the player joins the unique experience of being a mayor of a city that, like all others, grows in an unpredictable way. As the mayor, the player will be challenged to take fast decisions that provide sustainable development and quality of life to its residents, scoring more and staying more time in the mayor’s seat.



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