Parsec Gaming and Steam Remote Play

Parsec Gaming works simply as a screen-sharing technology. You either share your screen with yourself (remotely), with your friends (for co-op), or with gamers around the world (to play your favorite games). Steam Remote Play seems the same but (if i understood correctly) it works only with steam games.


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GeForce Now (Free option) and others cloud gaming

GeForce NOW has 1 free option (1 hour/day)

GeForce NOW is NVIDIA’s cloud-based game streaming service, delivering real-time gameplay straight from the cloud to your laptop, desktop, Mac, SHIELD TV, or Android device (and more). Connect to your store accounts and stream your own library of games, or play your favorite free-to-play games. With cloud saves for supported games, you can pick up your game where you left off, on any supported device, wherever you are.


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Valve added the streaming of game at home to the Steam Client.

Steam in-home streaming allows you to play a game on one computer when the game process is actually running on another computer elsewhere in your home. Through Steam, game audio and video is captured on the remote computer and sent to the player’s computer. The game input (keyboard, mouse or gamepad) is sent from the player’s computer to the game process on the remote computer.


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An online remote controlled battle between tanks.

Now for something completely different.
How would you like to be able to remote control real hardware over your internet connection? How about having a game of tank battle with friends and strangers! Real-time gaming with real hardware.
RCTIGER is that place.
No special software (just Flash 10 player) and you are driving your tank around in real time and shooting at other tanks. Nothing virtual; all real. The first telepresence gaming service in the world.


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