Cart Life: Retail Simulator

Cart Life is a retail simulation for windows which portrays the lives of street vendors. Free and Open Source.


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FileFront Giving Away Free Copies of Saga

Want your free copy of Saga? Well, then just click on the link below to download the game client. The client will come with a serial key, which you’ll need to use to create an account at the official Saga website. Be sure to check out the file’s description for instructions on creating your own account. You’ll have between now and May 11th to secure your copy of the game, unless we run out before then.

Click here to get your retail cd-key

The game is a free to play mmo-rts, the basic version has some feature locked, using this link you’ll have for free the retail version of the game (20 $).. so what are you waiting for? Go get your cd-key you have time until 11th may.

Watch a video

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