Rome rise Again in the total war series…

Yep Rome Total War 2, to be released in 2013… Will you fight for the Eagle or for the Wolf?

So Rome 2? I think Creative assembly choosed the safe path, don’t get me wrong Rome definetly needed and deserverd a sequel.. but i would have first explored other scenarios.. for example, The Great War 1918, Warhammer Fantasy or 40k, Lords of the Rings… a bit more fantasy or never seen ideas..

Talking about Rome 2 i think it s a bit too early, since the game will be released in 2013, but we can say something.. or speculate a little.. The naval battles will finally be there, giving new dimensions to Punic Wars and other epic engagments.. flame arrows, catapults and massive boarding? yes. The technology developed until now will be putted in rome 2, so it is plausible they could include first person view if u wanna fight as a soldier, an archer or a siege weapon… and in multiplayer too? Who knows..

Who said Medieval Total War 3? 😆 Probably after Rome 2.. 😆


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This playable demo includes playable countries Rome and Carthage.

Watch a Video

BONUS Video(Rome vs Carthage) (lol)

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