HAVOK (core physics for free)


Havok announced today that they will offer the PC version of their award-winning physics and animation software product – Havok Complete – for download free of charge. Available for non-commercial use, Havok Complete for the PC will be freely downloadable in May 2008.


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Crystal Space (3D Engine) and DimensioneX (mmo game engine)


Crystal Space is a free cross-platform software development kit for realtime 3D graphics, in particular games.


dimensione_x_mmo_02.jpgDimensioneX is what people would call a Multiplayer Game Engine. It lets you develop a game without having to re-inventing the wheel. Here’s what DimensioneX does for you:
-Display of the game scene, play sounds.
-Positioning and behaviour of the players in the game
-Communication via network between the players
-Management of saved games
-The users will play your games simply via their browser.

This game engine is actually a Java Servlet. It is not for a specific platform (i.e. PC or Mac) it will run on any Java-enabled web server (such as: Tomcat, also freeware).


If you need tools, sdk to make your games or apps you may wanna check our gamemaker section, hopefully yoy’ll find something useful.. see ya.

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Dark GDK – The Game Creators


-Develop powerful, cool 2D and 3D games with The Game Creators GDK
-Complete integration into the Visual C++ 2008 Express development environment
-Harness the power and performance of the C++ language
Royalty-free license (for personal use)
-Full IntelliSense support in Visual C++ 2008 Express
-Beginner and advanced tutorials
-Leverage the included collection of fully animated and professionally produced 3D objects with included DarkMATTER1, 25+ people and monsters, 20+ vehicles, 10+ weapons, plus much more
-Additional assets for games include: Videos, bitmaps, models, 35+ MIDI music files, 120+ audio files, 200+ wave, files, 4 MP3 files.

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