Dr. Dobbs Challenge 2 (Source Code)

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Dr. Dobb’s Challenge Deuce is a special game competition brought to you in association with the world-renowned Dr. Dobb’s for software developers and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Use Dr. Dobbs and his team of friends to play the game and collect Visual Studio power-ups — or team up with your own friends to develop your own games and levels!

You can win from a prize pool of $ 10,000 in two ways:


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Counter Strike Live

CSLIVE is a web browser based online 2d Shooter. It is clone of Counter Strike. Game supports the multiplayer game over internet or lan. And its Free to play! open souce!
This project is still in development.

* Features
** Free open source Server And Web Client.
** Online Gaming (Internet & Lan)
** Team DeathMatch
** All Weapons from Counter-Strike. (now avaible only Desert Eagle, AK-47, Colt M4A1 Carbine)
** Map making using Level Editor.
** All Counter Strike classic maps

* System Requements:
** Microsoft .net Framwork 3.5 – link
** Microsoft Silverlight 2 – link
** Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 6+ or Google Chrome

Official open beta tests will be ran every day 20:00 – 21:00 +2GTM at

G4G Entry

If you like this type of game you may wish to check Counter-strike 2D too…

Link Counter-Strike 2D

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