Strike Commander – the game on video

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I wonder if some of you remember this old glory of the past?

Mission 1 – part 2

All the video parts!

Bonus: Wing Commander

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Virtual Skipper 5 Full (online)

“Virtual Skipper Online” is a magnificent simulation with intense regattas both in solo and multiplayer modes, outstanding graphics and an ultra-realistic sea modeled and animated to perfection. The game has set the standard for sailing titles, and is currently played online by a large community of players from around the world.

Based on a model that is close to the free version of “TrackMania Nations”, another title from Nadeo, “Virtual Skipper Online” is a complete game, and offers players access to an online solo mode that allows them to meet up and challenge one another.

“Nadeo demonstrated with TrackMania Nations that a free game can exist alongside a paid version,” stated Cédric Lagarrigue, CEO of Focus Home Interactive. “There are already more than 3 million players subscribed to the free version of TrackMania Nations and hundreds of thousands of players for the paid version of TrackMania United Forever. Today, TrackMania is simply the most played online game for PC. Now, we are offering a similar version of Virtual Skipper in order to open the exceptional quality niche game that is so popular with sailing fans. Being a free game that is easily accessible will help it reach a larger audience to become a standard in online games.”

“Virtual Skipper Online” is available immediately as a free download. Grab a copy now, and take the helm of the most famous boats such as Class America, Open 60, Melges 24 or even offshore racers to sail the four corners of the world in 14 of the best competitive watercourses, either solo or in multiplayer mode.

“Virtual Skipper Online”:
• Online and offline regatta simulator, the benchmark for all sailing games.
• Alone or with other players, navigate 14 legendary watercourses including Valencia, Marseille, Trapani and Malmö – all venues of the America’s Cup. Discover the prime locations for competitive sailing such as San Francisco, Sydney, Porto Cervo, Auckland, Vancouver, Wight, Quiberon, Rio and even Qingdao.
• Play online with players from all around the world (integrated chat, player-ranking systems, avatars, competitions…).


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SingTelRace 2008 F1

The SingTel Simulator is a sight, sound and motion simulator that gives you the experience of driving a real Formula One™ race car. Physically, the SingTel Simulator looks just like a Formula One™ car. It has the Singapore Grand Prix circuit loaded in a virtual software that is displayed on 3 LCD screens. Mounted on a motion-enabled platform, it allows the user to experience every thrilling hairpin turn, every heart-pounding skid, brake and crash while zooming down the actual Singapore Grand Prix circuit at breakneck speeds.
This is a pc adaptation of that simulator machine.


Watch a Video

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Driving Simulator


Well i think this simulator is a bit too expensive.. if you like driving games

meanwhile i can suggest you this games..

Project Torque (mmo racing)

RACE07 demo (multiplayer)

BMW M3 Challenge

Drift City (mmo)




Xtreme Moped Racing

Papyrus INDYCAR 2 Demo (Dos)

and many more, list is too big.. 😉

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STAR WARS: Bruneras game deluxe

STAR WARS: Bruneras game deluxe

These are graphics/sound
upgrades created by Master_Syrus.


Star Wars- The Battle Of Yavin v1.1 (deluxe patch)

Star Wars- The Battle Of Endor v2.1 (Deluxe patch)

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