YouTube talks

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(to activate auto-captions you have to click on the icon)

Computer talks and you write.. 😆

There is a new technology on youtube which allows (english video only for now) to automatically add subtitle to the videos..


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Damsel – Chapter 1 (talkie)

Poor Damsel…her life was so perfect back at the castle, riding her pony, brushing her hair and visiting the spa. But now her royal princessliness has been kidnapped by the quasi-evil, fat little middle aged wizard Dorkus, and trapped high in a tower with no doors! She’s held out as long as she can, but if she doesn’t escape tonight, Dorkus will force her to marry him! What’s a girl in distress to do?

Well, wait for rescue, obviously. But when rescues go wrong, Damsels must do it for themselves!


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