The Pac-Man

The Pac-Man indulges itself as a tribute to both the original game and the variations of it made throughout the years. With 70+ unique stages across ten different worlds, The Pac-Man provides a challenging arcade-adventure experience filled with contrived and uncontrived surprises around every corner. With a new system for how ghost AI operates and a large amount of interesting game elements, this is Pac-Man unlike ever before: it is The Pac-Man.


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Space Exploration: Serpens Sector (Dev 10)

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Space Exploration: Serpens Sector is an upcoming RPG by Metal Beetle Ltd. It’s a work in progress, but you can download a development preview now.

In SE:SS, you are tasked with charting the long-abandoned Serpens Sector, a region of space reached through a wormhole near Earth. Each star system you visit brings you an encounter with something – aliens, ancient ruins, other humans and many dangers. The map and encounters are chosen at random for each game, which means that each game plays out differently.

Author releases new previews every once in a while and he is very interested in any feedback – so once you’ve tried it out, head over to the developer’s forum and tell him what you think – or use the feedback form. You can also follow the game’s development on Twitter.

The base game will be free and there will be expansion packs for sale. The 1.0 version of the game is scheduled to be released later this year, and will be available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


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