Counter Strike Mini – Browser Based Port

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The famous game Counter Strike ported with the Unity Engine.


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Counter-Strike Global Offensive

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This is not Counter-Strike 2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an updated version due out early 2012 for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, PC, and Mac. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive features new maps, characters, and weapons as well as new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leader boards, and more.


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UberStrike is the world’s first FPS blasting users across Facebook, MySpace, Apple Dashboard, Cmune’s portal and HD client download.


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FPS Online with sexy voice

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Lately i played Counter-Strike, many servers have custom content, one of this is a female semi-orgasmic voice, which comes in when you or one of your team make a series of kill.. you know the quake things like first blood, double kill, multikill etc etc..

Further investigation lead me to discover that this is a set of voice from UT2004, the “Sexy” ones..
Not to mention the custom spray logo which contains embarassing porn.. 😆


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Counter-Strike Online Open Beta

Counter-Strike Online is a Counter-Strike game targeted towards Asia’s gaming market. It is developed by Nexon Corporation of South Korea with oversight from license-holder Valve Corporation. It uses a micropayment model that is managed by a custom version of the Steam back-end.


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Mission Against Terror

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Suba Games is proud to present Mission Against Terror(MAT), a free to play first person shooter(FPS). MAT is set in a fictional time not far from our own, pitting two teams against each other all around.


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Tactical Intervention Preview

Tactical Intervention is made from the same creator of Counter-Strike, Minh Le (aka Gooseman) making this an unofficial Counter Strike 2!

Pitting CounterTerrorists versus Terrorists over varied urban locales, Tactical Intervention promises an exhilarating First Person Shooter experience by delivering a huge weapons arsenal paired with many innovative gameplay features!

Here goes some videos..


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Genesis AD Preview

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A new free game from ijji.

Genesis A.D. is an epic SCI-FI FPS that puts you in the realm of elite super-soldiers. Do battle in the ultimate virtual world in preparation for the most important mission in the history of mankind. Wield unique and dynamic abilities that boost gameplay far beyond today’s modern combat shooters. What will your effect on the new world be?


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Counter-Strike: Source for 4 bucks

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For this week-end CS:Source is sold for 4 US dollar-Euro, i am no more interested in this, but for all the people who never played this (do they exist?) it sounds a good deal for 4 bucks..

I have no idea if and when there will be a counter-Strike 2.. Still this game was (is?) one of the most played games online and its population is pretty big.

Go go go…

Link to Steam


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CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired

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CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired is a single-player modification for Source. Waking up to find himself an augmented clone of Gordon Freeman, the player must fight time-travelling Combine forces and other enemies across 42 unique and replayable missions.

Missions are set in 18 retail and 24 custom Counter-Strike: Source maps, which are installed intact to the player’s CS:S game folder. The mod edits the entity data for each map as it is loaded, adding and modifying entities to create a seamless single-player experience. The maps remain unchanged and are fully playable in Counter-Strike: Source. Maps have been contributed by established designers, including Bluestrike, Schuzak and d00ds.com. Combat locations range from a snow-covered country church to a dense pine forest to a sun-baked tropical island.

Players enter each map through the mission hub and can choose to play each one at a time or all in 3 linked campaigns. Each mission features a series of goals, such as to rescue hostages or destroy targets, which must be completed to move on to the next map or return to the hub. There are multiple approaches to each goal, and in each map the behaviour and armament of enemies and the distribution of resources are randomly determined within defined parameters. Thus, no two plays are the same, making CSS SCI FI a truly replayable single-player experience.

Key features at a glance:

* Single-player.
* Requires only Counter-Strike:Source.
* Includes a custom mission hub, weapon test range and full configuration utility.
* Features 42 replayable non-linear missions, each with multiple goals and hidden secret weapons.

Download CSS 3


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