15-year-old Belinda Nettle is studying at Linville Girls High School in Australia’s Blue Mountains. After falling asleep in the library one afternoon, she wakes from her mundane existence into a nightmare. Her classmates are transformed, nameless terrors seek her out across the schoolgrounds, and traps and tricks threaten her life at every turn.

Can you help Belinda survive this terror-filled night and solve its mysteries? And will there be a new day?


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Weekend Deal – Amnesia

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This week-end Amnesia is sold at 50% price discount. If you like this genre of games, make it yours!


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Amnesia Contest the winners!

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The Contest is over. Congratulations to our winners: Thanos Georgoulis,Zyklon and Relonad. I ‘ve sent you an e-mail.
Check your mail box!


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Win a Free Copy of AMNESIA

UPDATE:The Contest is over. Congratulations to our winners: Thanos Georgoulis,Zyklon and Relonad. proudly presents a new contest! Get your chance to win a free copy of the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


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Amnesia: The Dark Descent demo and tools

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UPDATE: launched a contest to win a free copy of the game (till 31st October 2010). Click here to enter

Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is a first person survival horror. A game about immersion, discovery and living through a nightmare. An experience that will chill you to the core.


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Karnn Age Lite

Karnn Age is an intense top down survival shooter available XBox Live Indie Games and PC. It features :

-9 Levels.
-4 Difficulty levels.
-3 Epic boss fights.
-Automatic save of your best replays per level / difficulty.
-Replays of every level on Hard difficulty to teach advanced survival tricks.
-9 incredibly entertaining old school songs (3 on PC or Lite version on XBOX).

Free PC version now available !

In order to make the game accessible to more people, the authors are releasing a free version of Karnn Age Lite for PC ! It is exactly the same has the XBOX Version, except that it also supports mouse/keyboard for input !

If you enjoy the game, please support the authors by buying the game on XBOX Live Indie Games ! You will find 2 versions of Karnn Age on XBox Live, Normal and Lite. Lite is the same as PC, and the normal version has a bigger music selection (9 songs instead of 3).



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Virtual Frontiers: Daniel Boone and the Hunters of Kentucky (demo)

Virtual Frontiers: Daniel Boone and the Hunters of Kentucky is a free interactive experience that combines 3D gaming with educational elements that introduces players to the world of the early American frontier.

In 1774 and 1775 the first permanent settlements were established in Kentucky just as the American Revolution dawned. It was in this world turned upon its head that settlers such as Daniel Boone, James Harrod, and Simon Kenton would attempt to settle their new frontier, and it was in this world that tribes such as the Shawnee, Wyandot, Cherokee, and Delaware would attempt to resist this new invasion.

Virtual Frontiers is a 3D adventure game that gives players the opportunity to explore this world first hand, guided by historical quotes and observations to assist them in understanding the broader historical impact of the process of frontier settlement.

Combining traditional 3D gaming with education and historical awareness, Virtual Frontiers offers players a unique way to learn about the men and women who helped to settle the early American frontier and the Native American tribes who fought to defend their homelands.


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Re-release of the Penumbra Series for Mac & Linux – USD 5 launch offer!

With a brand new installer the three Penumbra games will be available as a single download starting this Friday the 17th. The new release will improve the user experience compared to the original “three downloads with three serials”-installation procedure.

During the launch weekend of Friday the 17th to Sunday the 19th the Penumbra Collection for Mac & Linux will sell for a mere USD 5! Windows users recently had the same offer available to them and due to numerous inquires from Mac & Linux gamers we hope that this offer will achieve full cross-platform horror enjoyment. After the launch weekend the Penumbra Collection will sell for USD 20.

The Penumbra Collection will be available in the Frictional Games Store for Mac & linux. In addition the Mac version will also be available from the Mac Game Store, Mac Games Arcade and the recently launched Gamer’s Gate for Mac. All stores are participating in the USD 5 weekend launch!

The Penumbra Collection consist of Penumbra: Overture, Penumbra: Black Plague and the expansion Penumbra: Requiem.
Penumbra is a horror adventure featuring a unique physics interaction system, detailed story and dreadful environments. The series has received numerous awards, critical acclaim and recognition for its rejuvenation of the adventure genre as well as its fresh approach to the survival horror genre.



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You have crash-landed on planet Notrium. Your food supplies are running low, a pack of predatory aliens have got your scent. There are no more bullets for your pistol, your only weapon a handful of rocks. The night is coming, and you are desperately looking for wood to make a fire. Notrium is a game of survival.

Download Notrium

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