War of Legends

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War of Legends is a free, browser-based strategy game, set in a world of ancient Chinese mythology. Choose your ruler, build a mighty city and dominate the lands around you. Wisdom is vital to your success, as you manage resources, train armies and research mystical skills.

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Three Kingdoms Online (broswer)

Three Kingdoms Online is an MMO-SLG browser game. Users do not need to download or install any client softwares to play the game.
The game adapts elements of RPG, strategy and management simulation games and combine it into a top quality browser game. The game is based on ancient Chinese history, and includes many features that are related to the Chinese culture.

Based on Romance of Three Kingdoms, the most famous classical work in China, Three Kingdoms Online unfolds a period of warring kingdoms, talented heroes and everlasting conflicts . As an ambitious and talented leader, you will build up your legendary city-state in the land this land of chaos.

-No need to install. You can login and play the game in your browser.
-Experience the life of an ancient Chinese warlord, balance between industries, economy, agriculture, military, science and diplomacy.
-Diplomacy is vital. Join a league and particpate in league feud.
-Original hero system and quest system provides players with a more interesting game experience.
-Exciting new events and upgrades available periodically.

LINK TO 3 Kingdoms

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Sango Fighter

Sango Fighter is a vivid, high energy versus fighting game for the PC. Set in the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China, the game features a storyline and characters specific to this historical era. Sango Fighter was also made available for the Super A’can, a 16-bit game console released exclusively in Taiwan.

Developed by Panda Entertainment in Taiwan, Sango Fighter was originally a commercial game sold in Taiwan and exported in English. However, after Super Fighter Team acquired all legal rights to the game it was officially reclassified as freeware. As a result, it is now available for free download.

This is a Dos game, to run it you need DosBox, this means this game runs on mac and linux too.

Download Sango Fighter (English)

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Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins

Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins tells the story of the fateful last reign of the Han dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 220), when the Chinese empire was divided into three warring kingdoms. This decisive period in Chinese history became a subject of intense and continuing interest to historians, poets, and dramatists. Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins tells this story and offers players a chance to choose from 4 exciting and unique character classes to help battle through 200 fantastic levels filled with boss monsters and their relentless minions. As players experience the world of Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins they can rewrite world history by carefully planning and executing political assassinations.

Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins also offers a one-of-a-kind quest system that delivers quests to players while they are still in the battlefield, maximizing the player’s enjoyment of and involvement in the battle. This unique feature allows the player to continue their travels while having the benefit of receiving items from completing quests. Player vs. Player (PVP) battlegrounds are available on the hour every hour 24/7 which allow the winners of the battle to become Lords who are granted access to exclusive skills and items. Honor points are awarded during these battles and can be used to purchase unique items and equipment from special merchants.

This game will also feature a Player Kill (PK) system with the unique “Death Note” feature. This feature was created so that if a player is killed by the same opponent numerous times, then that opponent is added to the player’s death note. The opponent’s location will be indicated on the player’s map as a blinking signal thus allowing the player to exact revenge more easily.



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Jumper Three

Ogmo returns in Jumper Three, 3 years since his last appearance. Guide Ogmo in his search for a home on a myserious planet. Over the course of the game Ogmo will split into five seperate forms with completely different abilities, and you will have to switch between each of them to overcome the many obstacles in your path. Features 50+ stages. USB gamepad support is included.


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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI coming to PC and retrospective image of game evolution

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Many years ago i spent a lot of time playing the first Romance of the Three Kingdoms on my Commodore Amiga 500, and with others great Koei strategy games (like Genghis Khan, Bandits King, Nobunaga, Kessen etc), now it has been announced that after the ‘console-journey’ the rtk series is scheduled to come back on the PC in its 11th version. But what about the previous games, well click more there is a nice image waiting for you…

p.s i always played as Sun Jian (The Tiger) 😆

Koei official site

Rtk3 XI Trailer


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