Torque Engine is looking for buyer

Very bad news for indie developers, hobbyists and all people who planned to make their games using the great torque engine.


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Heat Online (ex Project Torque) Open Beta

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By some days Heat Online is in ob status..
Ladies and Gentlemen.. starts your engine!


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HEAT online (ex Project Torque)

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HEAT online is a free-to-Play MMORG (Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game) developed by Invictus-Games Ltd.
Experience the thrills of high-speed on and off road racing with tens of awesome cars in HEAT online. You can race against thousands of fellow players across the streets of Tokyo, on the racetracks of Germany or the Hungarian and Mexican off-road tracks, in the English countryside, on the rooftops of Shanghai and many more. Invictus’ latest game engine offers a realistic real-time damage model. The vehicles are user-customizable both in appearance and performance. Win points with racing, buy items in-game and tune your ride.


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Torque 3D

(Bucaneer was actually made with TGEA not Torque 3D)

Torque 3D is a professional SDK used to create games. In simpler terms, Torque 3D is a game engine developed by GarageGames. Game development is one of the most difficult, yet fun and rewarding, professions in the world.

Using a game engine is not just a shortcut to finishing a game. Using Torque 3D will save you the time and effort required to create a complex rendering system, high speed networking, real time editors, a scripting system, and so on. However, you must also realize that there is a lot of power “under the hood” that should be harnessed.

More than just a powerful, C++ driven game engine, Torque 3D is also a collection of tools that will aid you in making your games. The engine, also referred to as the source code, was developed entirely in C++. The most important thing to realize about Torque 3D is that it is a large, complex system. It is possible to complete a game without ever touching the source code. However, having source code access allows you to extend the engine to be whatever you want.

This one is priced (the moment i write) 1000 us dollars.
There is also TGEA which is 295 us dollars for indie.
Or torque 2d which is 100-250 us dollars.

LINK to Torque 3D
LINK to Torque 2D


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City Racer Online Open Beta (mmo-racing)

Time to start your engines in the Open beta!

City Racer is a 3D MMO Racing Game developed by Mobile Planet Co. City Racer has a different style with other MMO Racing Games and it’ll make you experience real-type racing.



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City Racer Online (mmo-racing)

City Racer is a 3D MMO Racing Game developed by Mobile Planet Co. City Racer has a different style with other MMO Racing Games and it’ll make you experience real-type racing.



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Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy Demo

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This is your chance to try the exciting and innovative independent game for free.

Set sail across the Caribbean with Buccaneer. Will you become the world’s greatest and most feared pirate captain, or will you let your infamy ebb away and risk mutiny at the hands of your bloodthirsty crew?

* Try 10 swashbuckling single player levels (from the 56 mission, non-linear campaign)
* Compete against other cut-throats in team-based multiplayer.
* Instantly accessible arcade-like controls.

So try it now, and unleash the pirate in you.



Voyage Century Online

Florensia Online


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Project Torque Free Gifts and Sweepstakes Entry!

If you haven’t already tried, this seems a good time to give it a go to Project Torque, or maybe to come back to check it.

From the PT Site:
Players! Are you ready to Torque up your System?

Thanks to the generous support of Project Torque by AMD we are proud to announce ‘Torque up your System’ sweepstake. Everyone who is entered into the sweepstake will have chance to win one of the 4 Quality Video Cards from AMD/ATI! We are giving away 2 ATI Radeon HD 4850 and 2 Sapphire HD 3850 Video cards!

To support this event we are sending everyone a key with FREE GIFTS! This key is ALSO your entry into the sweepstake. The only way to enter the drawing is to redeem the key. By redeeming the key you are automatically entered in the drawing. So check your email and spam filters for the free key from Aeria Games (subject: “AMD Torque up Your System Sweepstake”). Only 1 key per account allowed player, only 1 entry per account.

In order to qualify for this event must be registered user BEFORE The email notifiction with Code key is issued.

Redeeming your code will give you the following gifts:

Brand New Limited Edition AMD Rudy car Vinyl for RX-7
A 10 pack of Double RP (General Racing Item)
A 10 pack of Double XP (General Racing Item)
A 10 pack of Combo Seekers (Explorer Mode Item)
A 10 pack of Inixo’s Additive (Thunder Alley Item)
A 10 pack of Drifters Hack Pack 3 (Drift Racing Item)
1 Golf Cart – 7 Days – Fore!
1 Black Skeleton key – Unlocks or accomplishes any one mission, task or drivers challenge

New features & content under development:

‘King of the Hill’ Crew battle system – Monthly rewards for top crews
New Mission system with Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, prizes and Prestige rewards
1 new Fantasy car – The Cobra!
3-5 new Licensed cars
Crew heads up dueling system

Link to Project Torque


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Torque Engine advanced has come to the Macintosh

The torque game engine is now available for mac too.


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Marble Tactics

Marbles Tactics is a strategy puzzle game that involves creating lines of 4 or more marbles to make them explode! Watch out, because every move that doesn’t make a match will add more marbles to the board. Use special marbles to remove multiple lines at once and rack up big points! Huge scores are earned by forming lines with more than four marbles. Take on classic mode for 20 levels that will work your brain and try your wits. Or go for the high score with the never-ending nerve-busting endurance mode where you can play as long as you can survive!


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