The Xenophis, a Vulcan exploratory vessel, has incidentally found the mythical sector of Firia where the planets, only reachable through warp tunnels, are told to be made of staggering ice and liquid fire. As a precautionary act, the Xenophis crew are attempting to launch interstellar probes, significantly altered to exist within the Firia atmosphere, in order to learn more of this magnificent piece of the galaxy. However, evidence shows that the former inhabitants do not like outsiders. You are the probe, and your mission is to maneuver your way to the other end of the warp tunnel. You are equipped with two shields, one to protect you from icy drones, and another from fiery ones. However, only one shield can be active at a time.


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A real WormHole

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On December 9th 2009, on the skies of NorWay a strange thing appeared, that thing looks like a ‘Gateway’ or a ‘WormHole’ as seen in many sci-fi fictions.. Wonder what is it? Here is a possible list:

1. Fake
2. WormHole
3. A cloacked ship entering hyperspace
4. Fireworks
5. Natural Phenomenon
6. Mysticism (something religious)
7. Russian Rocket (exploded)
8. Some kind of (human) Experiment
9. Time Travel or Multiverse

And you what do you think it is?


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