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Vikings have found a way to travel through time.But time travel makes Vikings hungry and now they are after your food supplies.Its up to you to stop them. Each Viking is unique and requires a different aproach in order to be defeated.Vikings will travel through time randomly making each playthrough a unique experience.


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War of the Vikings – ShieldMaiden

Paradox Interactive added female characters to War of the Vikings, the close quarter combat game developed by Fatshark. The “Shieldmaiden” mini-expansion adds the option to play as female combatants in a new pre-defined class for both the Viking and Saxon factions, with designs inspired by history and real-world accounts of brave warrior women, and comes at no cost to all players. This update launches alongside a new DLC package that adds a wealth of customization options to the new female warriors. Owners of the of the Blood Eagle and Valhalla editions of the game will have this customization DLC already included, base game owners can purchase the customization DLC for $4.99. The Shieldmaiden mini-expansion for War of the Vikings also gives all players access to new maps, new weapons, and the ability to use a female face for all existing classes.


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War of the Vikings Early Access

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Paradox Interactive launched Early-Access for the new game War of the Viking, you can already buy the game.


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War of the Vikings announced!

From the makers of War of the Roses, a brand new game is announced… War of the Vikings!


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Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II

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Pirates, Vikings and Knights II is a first-person melee combat game built on Valve’s Source engine. PVKII is free to download and play.


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Code Vikings Gamepack 2011

The Code vikings pack include: Crazy Cows – Attack Of The Horny Big Breasted Mammals, Ballman Planets and the original Crazy Cows (1996 by runt time).

Crazy Cows: Attack Of The Horny Big Breasted Mammals is an hilarious realtime action-strategy game, where you have to destroy all enemy cows on each battle.
Ballman Planets is an addictive and extremely fun tribute to the classic Pacman game!
Crazy Cows 1996 is a turn-based strategy game.


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