Brooke Marks Visits The World Of Warcraft

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Brooke Marks Visits The World Of Warcraft… 😆

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Byteality tower defense, Visit 2 and LOVE

A nice retro platform.

-20 levels (4 hidden)
-11 music tracks
-7 endings
-Retro Style

Download LOVE

ByteAlity Tower Defense is a tower defense game with lots of maps and lots of towers, so it has a quite long play time. Includes a map editor. Placed 1st in YoYoGames’ Competition03.


An adventure puzzle game.

A sequel to Visit; journey a vast landscape to find the ‘Dark Tower’. Press F1 in game for controls. Made for YoYoGames’ Competition03 (placed 2nd). WARNING: This game is pretty difficult!

Download Visit 2

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1,000,000 One Million Visitors!

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OMG! G4G.IT reached 1 Million visitors! This is probably the number of contacts that Google does in half a second, lol, this site is around by almost three years now, what can i say? I am happy with the number of visitors, i wish to thanks all the visitors who came here to make us a visit, the friends, the casual, the bots, the spammer, the daily readers, everyone…

We could do it better, but we could do it worse, we always try to offer our viewers interesting free games to play, useful programs and to entertain with other stuff. Where ever you’re from and what ever you reached this page, thank you, for visiting us.

This site exist only if there is someone watching it. 😉

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