City Creator

City Creator is a site that allows you to create a city landscape from a set of pre-fabricated buildings and other objects.


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Merveilleuses during Napoleonic period

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Les Merveilleuses, surname given to the elegante young women during the Directoire period.

A nice gallery made by Laurent Abadie showcased at HistWar Site, where you can download a demo of their Napoleonic Strategy game.

Well i admit it’s not much adult category, but i guess it fits better here then Free Apps…

Direct Link to gallery

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GraveShift 2: The Sewers

Could i leave you without a mini-game for Halloween? Of course i could and probably i better would have to.. 😆
Eansted here we are with GraveShift 2, a nice mini game for the 5 minute coffee break. Hope you like it.

Happy Halloween everybody!


As a side note, you all know in almost every mmo and online games, the developers set halloween theme and events, so far the best one for me is the one made in Guild Wars.

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An Aquarium screensaver for your Desktop

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Kuroshio Sea – 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world

Do you need an Aquarium for your Desktop?

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