As you may have heard there was a problem with the distribution of the (quite good) Space Hulk remake recently made by a couple of guys in sweden.. here i report a statement on their site..

The last couple of days have been rather hectic. From our pleed for help we got in touch with old time Games Workshop veteran Jervis Johnson. Although he could not help us personally he was kind enough to speed up the legal process and so we finally got a response from Games Workshop this afternoon.


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SPACE HULK 1 COOP v0.8 (dawn of war mod) and SPACE HULK 2 v1.01 (Dow-winter assault mod)

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This is a modification for the real time strategy game Warhammer 40k : Dawn of War. The mod is based on the very popular Spacehulk Table Top game, and to some extent also the computer game, which is also called Spacehulk. You control a squad of 5 Space Marine Terminators of the chapter’s first company. The squad is the Chapters Elite, specially trained to operate in the most dangerous of battlefield conditions and in the dark vacuum of starship boarding actions.

DOWNLOAD: SPACE HULK 1 v0.8(dow mod) – SPACE HULK 2 v1.01(dow-wa mod)

If you aim for the classic boardgame (or simply don’t have dawn of war) try this very good remake

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SPACE HULK v1.0 (Board Game Remake)


Space Hulk is a board game developed by Games Workshop several years ago. It is a turn based game focusing on the fictional battle between man and alien in a distant world. Several variations have been made to both Amiga and PC’s but none has really embraced the turn aspect of the game so that was authors’ intentions when they started making this game.This game builds on old traditions such as hand pixeled 2D sprites. There is no multi billion 3D engine backing it up, only the Allegro Gaming Library and what that can provide.
But when it comes to quality and fun the pieces put into the game are well polished thanks to a development process of one and a half year with quality assuarance and testing from almost day one. The game is only designed to be a single player game. The tested platforms are Windows XP and Windows VISTA. The game is build based on the Allegro Gaming Library meaning that if Allegro supports your platform and a DLL supporting your platform the game should run.



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The Black Library (free stuff)

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The Black Library brings readers novels full of kick-ass action and adventure from the dark and gothic worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. On their website there is a section for (nice) free stuff.



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WarHammer: Mighty Empires Original Rules (Pdf)


For those hobbyists who have been playing Warhammer for a decade or more, they will know that the latest Mighty Empires boxed set and plastic tiles is not the first incarnation of this campaign system.

For those with a twinge of nostalgia for the original Mighty Empires rules, or for those new Warhammer players who are curious what the old system was like, Gamesworkshop presents a downloadable PDF of the entire 64-page original Mighty Empires rulebook. Of course, this file doesn’t supplant the current rules for the new boxed set, but it might give you some clever ideas for tweaking your house rules. Enjoy!


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