UMAG is a nice multiplayer artillery game.


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A real WormHole

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On December 9th 2009, on the skies of NorWay a strange thing appeared, that thing looks like a ‘Gateway’ or a ‘WormHole’ as seen in many sci-fi fictions.. Wonder what is it? Here is a possible list:

1. Fake
2. WormHole
3. A cloacked ship entering hyperspace
4. Fireworks
5. Natural Phenomenon
6. Mysticism (something religious)
7. Russian Rocket (exploded)
8. Some kind of (human) Experiment
9. Time Travel or Multiverse

And you what do you think it is?


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Atomic Worm

Atomic Worm has flown into the light.

A new game which features:
– Simple mouse control
– Exciting challenges and puzzle oriented game-play
– It takes the snake genre to a new dimension.
– Weird and wonderful board layouts…

It’s easy and fun to get into but with plenty of levels and challenges for everyone…

What is the worm? Why is it trying to eat the flowers which bloom on the neon grid? What does the poetry mean?

Download and find out

For Linux too


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Go Ollie!

Go Ollie is another great free game from Charlie Dog Games and features:
* It’s completely free and so represents infinitely good value for money
* Beautifully rendered scenes and animations
* The latest in innovative mouse controlled platform gaming featuring a unique fusion of platform and match three gaming mechanics
* Two gameplay modes:
o Story Mode with over 60 individual levels each with three different objectives
o Fast and furious action game with unlimited re-playability and high score table
* A compelling story featuring romance, excitement and fairy duplicity
* Only 16 Meg download and very low system requirements
* Windows XP and Vista compliant



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BB Tanks Opens

Get ready for War! Command your individual tank and battle it out with others in this turn-by-turn strategy shooter. Fun maps set the stage for battle as you equip with all sorts of zany weapons.Up to 8 player with different modes to play.



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