CrackDown 2

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Crackdown 2 is a sandbox-style third-person shooter video game developed by Ruffian Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It was released on Xbox 360 in July 2010 and is a direct sequel to the 2007 video game Crackdown.


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Project Natal

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Well i guess everybody knows about this right now, it seems ok to cool stuff, i guess when you play a game like Ace Combat if the pilot is female that could be sexy to watch, while if the pilot is male it could be a little ’embarassing’ 😆 (in public)

No seriously, good stuff Bill.

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Prince of Persia is Back

The mighty Prince of Persia is back on the X360, with a great look and a great platform arcade action. I still think Sands of Time is the best of the series, but this one is good too.



PoP – Sands of Time

Prince of Persia – flashgame

Prince of Persia 4D


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X360 vs PS3 vs Wii – The faces

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Surfing the web i found this videos on youtube where people were discussing, x360 is better than ps3, or ps3 is better than wii, or wii is better etc etc.. On many forums you may actually have seen this pointless discussions, but you never have seen the actual faces of this guys…

Maybe it’s an exibitionist desire, or just this guys have plenty of time to waste on a discussions in which no1 is interestd, i mean seriously why bother which console is the best?

Take a look at this ‘faces’ are u scared? You really should! 😆


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UNDERTOW a free Xbox live game

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As an apology for the erratic downtime Xbox Live has experienced lately, Microsoft is offering a free game download to everyone, Gold and Silver members alike. The free game is Undertow, a normally $10 title that features undersea combat and bright, exciting graphics, and it is available right now. You only have until 11:59 pm Pacific Sunday night, so stop reading this and go get it.

Watch a video

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BurnOut Paradise VGA vs HDMI

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An interesting video where are shown the difference between, x360 and ps3, component, vga and hdmi output of the game… you may also check the soundtrack.

Click on more to see more comparison pictures.


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