Holy beast Online

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Cute animals sometimes evolve into fighting beasts!
Beastia, the world of cute beast animals.
Eliminate the evil rampaging Insects and restore balance to the world! You can transform from Beast to Human at will!
Beasts can also evolve into a higher form!
Items shine and glow when they are enhanced!There are lots of interesting items! Players can trade items with the Market function! Set up Groups and Packs with lots of members!Grouping together is fun! You can chat with your friends and everyone else! Show your individuality with special skills and actions! Raise lovely pets who help you with your adventures! Lying dormant in ancient towers… Unlock the secret of ancient mysteries… Awaken the power of the Mystic Flight Jewel and Divine Essence!
Beast Battle’s ranking. Large-scale combat arms training between beasts. Be the No.1 Beast champion!


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  1. By Calcatian on January 23, 2009

    Fake pokemns 🙂

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