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Gears of War PC – patch 3

A new update is available for Gears of War for Windows. This update fixes an expired digital signatures issue that prevents all earlier versions of the game from launching. This is a required update. Please download and install the update before launching the game.

This update incorporates all previous updates and bug fixes for Gears of War for Windows, where applicable.

The Settlers: Rise of an Empire patch v1.7

The Settlers: Rise of an Empire, is the sixth entry in the real time strategy game series from Blue Byte Software.

Removes DVD copy protection on retail edition

Das Update entfernt den DVD-Kopierschutz der Retail-Version

ShadowGrounds Retail Patch v1.05

As of version 1.05, all Shadowgrounds retail versions use the same patch.

-Animated monsters now remain dead even if they are triggered to act (in New Atlantis for example)
-Game is able to create statistics correctly (for modders)
-Two fixes related to video playback (might fix all of the remaining video issues)
-Building blocks added so that gamers can play mods properly without having the level editor installed
-Fixed bugs related to 45 degree walls and the player getting stuck
-“Help” command to let players quickly get around all kinds of “stuck” problems (it allows ghost mode for 5 seconds)
-Minor text box graphics fix for mission2
-Some English grammar fixes
-Removal of all copy protection, making it a ‘one-patch-fix-all’ for every version

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