Man on the Moon 40 years ago

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It was 20 July of 1969 when first man stepped on moon surface, at least so they say us and so it’s officially recorded on the history books, i don’t know which was the first Apollo mission to land on the moon but it’s clear that was a magic year.. shhh.. 40 years is a lot of time. I am pretty sure that if we don’t destroy earth, there will be in the future many other great milestones, like landing on mars, explore solar system and perhaps one day StarShips to challenge the hostile, unknown, frozen, misterious deep space…

Ye little alien, we’ll take pizza, pop-corn and rock n roll to your planet too.. 😆

Some interesting Links:

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and some bonus music:

Man on the Moon

Space Man

Fly me to the Moon (NGEVA version)

Fly me to the Moon (Frank Sinatra)

A Salty Dog

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