Project Entropia becomes Planet Calypso

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Planet Calypso is a completely unique sandbox MMORPG with a real economy.

Set in the future, you are invited to join an open-ended social, economic and political action-adventure as a human colonist on a distant alien planet. The sandbox approach allows you to choose your own path and write a unique story with others from around the world.
You will enter a new chapter in Calypso’s story. After an exhausting five year conflict with an invading robot enemy, the long awaited promise of peace and prosperity on Calypso remains elusive. With the robots repelled to their home world Akbal-Cimi, cracks in colonist solidarity are emerging. The war-time economy has produced industrialists with the resources to buy up Calypso’s precious land, while disgruntled ex-soldiers are left to wander Calypso, hunting and mining for their survival. A rising middle-class of entrepreneurs is irritating both. All are disillusioned with Earth’s Federal Empire that left the colony to fend for itself during the robot war. You will land on a Calypso with revolution and civil war in the air.

Have you got what it takes to stake a claim on Calypso?

Link to Entropia-Calypso

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7 Responses to “Project Entropia becomes Planet Calypso”

  1. Dont Do It!

    I tried this game. It’s VERY glitchy. It takes forever to install and download. The build you download wont work without strange additional windows updates and weird settings to even get to the games launch screen up, once there you download patches for another 5 hours. Just to have it get stuck in update loops your lucky if you can get around. If it locks in updates you have to uninstall and reinstall (1 1/2hrs on my PC.) Once the game finally loads its bland and vacant. I met and exceeded all requirements posted on the website and it will only show a blank gray avatar when in character creation. In game other people will show up just fine but my character looked like a lump of pixels with a head. All tech support says is it obviously doesn’t work and there is no fix. Save yourself days of pain. Do not download.

    • Wow a very bad review for this Sci-fi second life game, around the internet this game rates 5 out of 10 in the various reviews, it’s the same rate (the moment i am wrinting) that it has here. I wonder if the game is that bad or has potentials…

      Thanks for the review bretto.

  2. By Máté on September 1, 2009

    I tried this a year ago, it worked 4 me but not a big deal.

  3. I think the game has some potential its just lost in all the glitchy stuff, at least for me. The game just drops you in the middle of nowhere with no direction at all, unless there was supposed to be some and my PC didn’t load it for some reason. In the 20 minutes i stayed online for i actually had to tell 3 different people how to make their character turn around and walk LOL. I actually ended up logging out and in a couple times trying to figure the same thing, until i realized i had to push space bar to turn game into walk mode.

  4. By Gavin on January 10, 2011

    The game’s actually very good. It’s just been criticised alot because of the steep learning curve and the bugs (which existed years back). The game receives regular updates and I believe that beginners are now given a gun with ammo and are told to follow quests (e.g hunt monster ‘x’) which has given beginners more slightly more direction. What I personally like about this game is that it gets you to think and value your property more than other games (as the in-game currency is tied to real-world currency so essentially everything is worth money). It’s not mindless. You need to be smart and quick thinking in order to get far (and actually make money), and if your a clever gamer then look no further than Planet Calypso.

  5. By Gavin on January 10, 2011

    Forgot to mention: You’ll need a decent computer if you wanna get any fun out of the game since its a very demanding game

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