Warhammer Online Unlimited Free Trials

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WarHammer Online developers will be lifting soon the 10-day restriction on their Free Trial! You’ll be able to enjoy the trial experience and New User Journey for as long as you like!


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GraveShift 2: The Sewers

Could i leave you without a mini-game for Halloween? Of course i could and probably i better would have to.. 😆
Eansted here we are with GraveShift 2, a nice mini game for the 5 minute coffee break. Hope you like it.

Happy Halloween everybody!


As a side note, you all know in almost every mmo and online games, the developers set halloween theme and events, so far the best one for me is the one made in Guild Wars.

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Unity 2.6 is out and free!

From the Unity Forums..

Dear awesome Unity community,

With great pleasure I will share that we have completed development on version 2.6 of Unity. This release includes some awesome new features for everyone like a brand new Animation Editor and Project search, along with additional Pro-only features such as a Profiler, Ambient Occlusion, and tons more.
You can read more about what’s been packed into this release on the new 2.6 feature page.
But we’re not quite done here… That’s right, we’ve discontinued Unity Indie and replaced it with a feature-identical version of the Editor called simply “Unity”. The difference? Unity is free for everyone. One more barrier to entry torn down.

For current Indie license holders, we’ve thought about you too! We’re offering a discount on a Unity Pro upgrade for all Indie license holders. Until the end of the year, you can upgrade to Unity Pro for $1099. And if you’ve purchased Unity Indie in the past 60 days, you can opt to receive a full refund for your purchase instead. Those who qualify for the full refund should receive an email with details soon.

Finally, I’d just like to say thanks to everybody that uses, learns, and teaches Unity. Our community is about to grow again with new Unity users, and I’m just really proud of how the spirit of helping and supporting each other perseveres throughout each new influx. It’s just great, plain and simple. I’m looking forward to playing all your brilliant creations!



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Pandora Saga

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Pandora Saga is set in a fantasy world of medieval Europe which designed in rich graphic texture and details. Enjoy yourself over the PvP challenge and exciting large-scale war among nations. Story based quest with cinematic upon completion of the quest and various sub quest to complete.

Ultimate Fighting System
Adopted in medieval warfare, players fight on the field with siege weapons and cavalry, besieging castles. Leadership and tactics will determine the victor of the war!!
3 nations, 6 races with unique abilities, 4 basic class which opens the path to 28 advanced classes, 140 skills X 25 category of skills.

Epic Battle
Draw a magnificent story of a fight with the three nations.
Large-scale war against the players at the chaotic borderline of three nations. Kill your enemy to gain honour points.
Honour points determines your ranking. In addition, use honour points to exchange for special equipments from Item Exchange NPC!!

Highly optimized graphics and contents
Gonzo Rosso-GDH brings you the first Japan-made MMORPG
Despite the high quality graphics, lower specification computer able to run smoothly even in a full-scale war with the gaming graphics engine in Pandora Saga.



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CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired

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CSS SCI FI 3: Hardwired is a single-player modification for Source. Waking up to find himself an augmented clone of Gordon Freeman, the player must fight time-travelling Combine forces and other enemies across 42 unique and replayable missions.

Missions are set in 18 retail and 24 custom Counter-Strike: Source maps, which are installed intact to the player’s CS:S game folder. The mod edits the entity data for each map as it is loaded, adding and modifying entities to create a seamless single-player experience. The maps remain unchanged and are fully playable in Counter-Strike: Source. Maps have been contributed by established designers, including Bluestrike, Schuzak and d00ds.com. Combat locations range from a snow-covered country church to a dense pine forest to a sun-baked tropical island.

Players enter each map through the mission hub and can choose to play each one at a time or all in 3 linked campaigns. Each mission features a series of goals, such as to rescue hostages or destroy targets, which must be completed to move on to the next map or return to the hub. There are multiple approaches to each goal, and in each map the behaviour and armament of enemies and the distribution of resources are randomly determined within defined parameters. Thus, no two plays are the same, making CSS SCI FI a truly replayable single-player experience.

Key features at a glance:

* Single-player.
* Requires only Counter-Strike:Source.
* Includes a custom mission hub, weapon test range and full configuration utility.
* Features 42 replayable non-linear missions, each with multiple goals and hidden secret weapons.

Download CSS 3


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CrimeCraft Unlimited Free Trial

(Click on the image for a bigger view)

The Free Trial is (obviously) limited, but i think it’s pretty good for the casual player. Or maybe not.. 😆

CrimeCraft is a Persistent World Next-gen Shooter set in a fictional city in the near future where the price of life is far less than the value of reputation. Players must do whatever it takes to survive amidst the chaos of Sunrise City.


* Crime – Following economic collapse, lawlessness prevailed and the government built Sunrise City as a penal colony to house the increased criminal element. Perform various “tasks” and “jobs” for money and experience which can be used to help you gain a reputation, learn new trade skills and perform new abilities in battle.

* Craft – Use the loot gained from battle to create your own weapons, clothing and performance boosts.

* Unreal Technology – Explore the vast world of Sunrise City beautifully rendered by the powerful Unreal Engine 3.

* Intense TPS action – Battle other players or AI enemies with a wide range of weapons, explosives, abilities, and enhancements at your disposal.

* Pay your way – Flexible payment models that lower the barriers of entry and give players options based on their playing style.

* Personalize – Amazing depth in the variety of clothes, weapons, items, and skills available to distinguish your character and your crew from the masses playing online.

* Team up – Form virtual gangs to build a reputation, assign rankings, pool money and goods, and buy gang hideouts.

* Underground Economy – Control the quality and cost of manufactured items that you create, modify, or repair. Then sell, trade, or auction them to other players on the open black market.



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Team Fortress 2 ‘meets’ series videos

(Team Fortress 2 meets The Simpsons)

A collection of nice and funny videos, TF2 crossover trailers..


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Face of ManKind

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Face of Mankind is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Action RPG in a single persistent universe. You will control a single character in the science-fiction game world.

Once installed on your PC you will have access to an ever changing game environment via your internet connection. Thousands of players throughout the universe co-operate, compete or co-exist in a realistic and futuristic world of the 24th+ century. The skill and luck of the players from rival factions change the balance of power. Players have full control over their gaming experience by creating their own rules, faction hierarchy and story. The objective of the game is to evolve your character to its ultimate potential, whether that is the accumulation of wealth, power, social status or all three.

Free accounts will be available for everyone. These free accounts are without time limitation. However, additional features and options are available for subscribers. These premium accounts will be available at a low rate, which is yet to be announced.

Link to 24th Century


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Champions Online Halloween FreeWeekend

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The Undying Lord, Takofanes, a necromantic ruler who dominated the earth thousands of years ago is back.

Takofanes’ last encounter with the Champions of Millennium City ended with half our world’s beloved heroes slain. Who now can stand against him?
Hate zombies? Abhor mummies? Detest the dreaded undead? Like to play MMOs for free? You could be the one. You could be the Champion we need!

The free promotional weekend will run from 10:00 a.m. October 30th until 10:00 a.m. November 2nd (Pacific), but all game subscribers will be able to enjoy the Blood Moon content starting October 27th.

NOTE: This should be for all people, not only ex-subscribers, but i can’t guarantee it.

LINK to Champions City

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Bright Shadow

Presented in full 3D, the game adopts an anime-inspired style with diverse monster designs, a lush game world, and endless options to customize your character.

-High quality graphics, including a weather system!
-Supreme Social Features – Friends list, in-game mail system, party matchmaking, Mentor System, Guilds (Rankings, in-game Hall, bulletin boards), and more!
-Choose from 20 class archetypes – Warriors, Mages, Machinists, and Shamans!
-Battle hundreds of unique monsters, the Umbra, across the land!
-Soul Power System – Players absorb “Soul Power” from slain enemies. “Soul Power” is used for a wide range of purposes, including skills and spell activation, production, starting guilds, raising pets and more!
-Card Collection System – Over 500 monster cards! Obtained via battle, monster cards have a range of uses, from purchasing special items, activating special abilities to summoning monsters!
-Thousands of items available for customization!

Link to BrightShadow


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