Hello Kitty Online music trailer

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A nice video of the Hello Kitty MMO game..

Link to Hello Kitty

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3 Responses to “Hello Kitty Online music trailer”

  1. By Duffen Smith on January 16, 2010

    Could you edit the “Fucking shit” word? Because this game only seems “gay” but its not like that when u play! i gave it a try and the graphic and support to quests is fantastic (size: 2.8GB). the Hello Kitty Characters® only acts like a guide *merchandise maybe* but you can do a lot of things that doesn’t have relation w/ farms or dress. Its very similar to “TRICKSTER ONLINE™” search for it. Don’t tag games like that cause you can have a wrong opnion if you didn’t give it a try.

    • it wasn’t my opinion on the game.. it was just an exclamation..
      But since i didn’t try the game, i don’t wanna make it bad advertisment so i ll follow the suggestion and remove the word..

  2. By Máté on January 16, 2010

    Thats őőőőőőőőő… pink. This trailer shocked me for a half min :D.

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