Daybreak of Heterodoxy 0.13R

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IMPORTANT:This game is for Japanese windows, it won’t run on normal windows without asian language installed, but even doing so it (probably) won’t run, if someone has solved the problem or has a link to a working version, please post it in the comments. Thanks.

A nice japanese beat em up. Don’t think that the title of the game is wierd, cause actually one of the fighter has a house as head.. 😆

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Daybreak of Heterodoxy 0.16
30.1 MiB - 785 downloads

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4 Responses to “Daybreak of Heterodoxy 0.13R”

  1. By Ewan Abrahams on July 11, 2014

    It keeps giving error saying Character The House isn’t opening

    • Hi again, thanks for reporting not working games. It doesn’t work cause the name is wrong, i have no idea why. Try to download the game from the Author Site, through i did so and the game doesn’t even start. Really strange.

      Update:The game worked but now when i try to run, the game closes at launch 😆

  2. By Ewan Abrahams on July 14, 2014

    I tried downloading the game through author site and the problem with THEEHOUSE.player keeps coming up tried changing he language ut doesn’t help at all

    • The game worked, but now it doesn’t.. 😆 No idea, if i found a working version around the net i will upload a mirror.

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