Mudougaikitan – Yuki Tan City

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A nice japanese beat em up made by Kentaro Takahashi, and that’s all i know about this game.. 😆

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Mudougaikitan - Yuki Tan City
351.6 MiB - 1,221 downloads

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5 Responses to “Mudougaikitan – Yuki Tan City”

  1. By Randall on October 4, 2016

    I can’t get this game to work no matter what I do, all the files have a bunch of “gibberish” symbols instead of actual files. I’ve been wanting to play it for months, with no success.

    I’m using an ASUS Laptop. Is there anything I need to do get it to work correctly?

    • Hi this game runs on Windows XP/Me/2000/NT, don’t know if it runs on modern versions of windows. Anyway it requires japanese language installed and-or microsoft applocale to run.

      Link to YouTube Video (the user who posted this video wrote some suggestions in the comments)

      • By Randall on October 5, 2016

        Aw man…guess that means I won’t be able to play this game.. 🙁 (The AppLocale Download link keeps stopping over and over…I think it might be broken.)

        Thanks for letting me know though, I appreciate it.

  2. By Drag0 on February 29, 2020

    The game starts but after the intro I get an error.

    • Hi lol late answer…

      Btw i think if the game needs japanese fonts, and it shouldn’t run on modern windows as i wrote some posts before this.

      You can try with windows 10…


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