Conqueror’s Blade a great game or a missed opportunity?

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Before starting this i want to tell to who haven’t played this game yet, go to Steam or Official Game site, download the client and try it! This game deserve to be tried at least, it’s free to play, safe and funny. Now is also a good time to start since the season VI is ending and a new season is about to start Vikings theme, 1 new castle, 3 new unlockable units and more…

So is Conqueror’s Blade a great game? Yes and No. The game is a free-to-play tactical action MMO. You control a warrior AND your troops during great 15 vs 15 siege battles. I started playing this game during half season V and still playing and it’s fun but the game has problems which can’t be not talked about. Let’s start.

The Game engine is heavy, to run this game you need a good cpu with 6-8 cores and a good video card. But even with a good computer it won’t run like 300 fps, it will run 60-80 fps with random frame drops. With 4 cores the game is playable.

For me the main reason to play the game is the 15 vs 15 siege battles, they are fun but to be honest there are too few castles and when matchmaking starts it seems too much random, in short you can play always on attack or defense, it seems it doesn’t consider if you played the last game on attacking or defending, consider that the defenders have a good advantage over attackers, and sometime you play the same castle map you just played.

The combat between warriors is like Dinasty Warriors, troops can set formations, charges, wait, follow you etc.. There are also siege engines, ladders, trebuchet strikes, flaming arrows, walls breach and more.. In my opinion the combat between heroes is really broken, probably the worst part of the game. Heroes are class based depending on their weapon, problem is it’s completely unbalanced, there are heroes that can kill you with one move, or stunning preventing the fight and easily killing you, of course you could use that class but it seems like stealing the victory.

Twin Blades should be removed from the game or balanced.

Hammer Warriors shouldn’t have that stupid move.

There is also an AUTOLOCK function, for enemy heroes or enemy troops, you decide this in the game settings, problem is playing with autolock on enemy heroes is terrible, but those who use autolock have an advantage over those who don’t use it, especially with some hero class, why not just remove this option? or make it switchable in game?

Anyway outside Siege Battles there are other game modes and an Open World. Let’s see:

Field Battle – boring probably played only for quests.

Rebel camps, bandits, expeditions – incredible boring, played only to unlock troops or complete some quest.

Ranked Battles – Played to unlock items and quests, this battles are so random i don’t understand why they are called ranked.

Other events like team deathmatch or free battles – actually there is no reason to play this if you are not unlocking troops.

THE TERRITORY WARS! This is the main event, in which you can conquer villages, towns and resources around them, with your House (Guild) or Alliance (Group of Houses), but you can also play as an Imperial (an AI controlled house). OK this territory wars for me doesn’t work, it should be completely re-designed, the open world part of the game is really boring and not funny at all.

The players (on Steam) are around 5-6,000 players which is low and until they don’t fix the game problems unfortunatly i doubt it will increase. Still the game is worth trying, so download and play it.

In conclusion is Conqueror’s Blade a great game or a missed opportunity? As always it’s the players that will decide.

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