Derek Badger, stout Yorkshireman, is out poaching rabbits on the estate of the local lord when he is unexpectedly plunged into a mysterious underworld. Embroiled in a millennia-long quarrel between the peaceful Spirit Kingdom and the malevolent Dark Ones, can Derek prevent the destruction of both the above- and below-ground worlds? And what is the nature of the terrible presence that lurks beneath the Abyss?


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Ben304 ‘s ^_^

Julian has been turned into a werebunny and is quite cross about this! His human abilities have been replaced with only animal instincts! Bite, headbutt and shout your way as Julian in order to find a way to change back!


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Get a Free Copy of Lugaru!

From the Author’s Blog….

In order to bring awareness of our upcoming independent game, Overgrowth, we are giving away free copies of the game that started it all: Lugaru!

Lugaru is a cult classic, indie video game that was created by David Rosen when he was in high school. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Since its launch, it has been sold for $19.95 without exception — until now!

This Christmas, we are giving it away for free!

All you have to do to have your free copy emailed to you on Christmas Eve is join this Facebook event and join the Overgrowth Facebook Page. Don’t open it until Christmas Day! Make sure you’re a fan of the Overgrowth Facebook Page, and be sure to invite your friends to this event!

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