War of the Roses Brings Out the Big Guns and Summer Sale!

Some days ago Paradox Interactive sent Game cd-keys to people who were registered to the Newsletter, if you missed this offering developers suggest signing up right away to their Newsletter as the King has more gifts to bestow on his royal subjects in the very near future! And some upcoming surprises from the WotR Team you won’t want to miss! Sign up at the linked website!

Link to Official Site (Newsletter)

The latest addition to War of the Roses is entitled “Guns of Burgundy” and adds a new weapon type to turn the tide of the endless struggle between Lancaster and York: handgonnes, the world’s first portable firearm. Capable of cutting down fleeing foes and punching damaging holes in a knight’s shield, handgonnes come in four types and can be wielded by knights with a steady arm and reliable flint. A new map and new armor pieces are also included in this update, which is now available for download in War of the Roses.


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