True Space 7.6 (complete 3D authoring System)

trueSpace7.6 is a powerful tool for presentation, design, film/video animation, games and with its real time collaboration it is also suited for content creation for distance learning and emerging 3D social networks.

An entirely re-written X format exporter lets you save your trueSpace creations to load into game engines such as XNA to develop games for Windows or the Xbox 360.

Also included is an export to Virtual Earth which will let you place your 3D creations straight into Virtual Earth from trueSpace. Now you can place whatever you make into real world locations in Virtual Earth and share them with others!

trueSpace also supports import from a wide variety of formats, letting you take existing objects and use them in Virtual Earth.

Unlike traditional CAD software or film/video 3D authoring tools, trueSpace uses an award winning real-time direct manipulation interface where the controls themselves reside in the 3D space, so that using them is similar to manipulating objects in the real world.

Direct manipulation offers an unprecedented ease of use which artists love because it allows them to quickly master the comprehensive set of modeling, surfacing, lighting, rendering and animation tools which trueSpace7 provides.

It’s more than just a benefit while learning the software. Once mastered, this direct manipulation translates into much shorter production times and lower costs for the projects. You can use trueSpace in all stages of production, starting with conceptual design and ending with commercial quality photorealistic or stylized illustrations and animations. trueSpace allows you to output to any print or video media, as well as to 3D rapid prototyping machines.

trueSpace shines when it comes to the range of expression available right at your fingertips. You can go from that hard-edged, ultra-realistic techno style all the way to a dreamy artistic style, like these two images below.

The Caligari web site also provides a vibrant hub for an online community that provides trueSpace users with lively discussion forums and professional advice and support from peers. With trueSpace7, this support is being revolutionized with the addition of real-time 3D collaborative forums, unmatched in any other 3D authoring tool

trueSpace7.6 is now free, a simple registration at the author site is required to download the software.

LINK (in Gamemaker)

LINK (in Freeapps)

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