The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance

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No we are not quoting Wing Commander 😆

In Canada (yes Canada) some people is trying to put a tax on internet usage, charge per byte, the way they do with smart phones.
This is madness.. really.. If you want you can sign on this page petition.

Link to Petition Site

I know that internet is mostly porn and facebook, but there is also (in a short percentage) culture, information, sharing of ideas, and much more, so the internet should be free for mankind, but in lack of that a normal monthly fee is ok for now, NOT the insane charge per byte this money-hungry corporation want to impose.

You may say, hey it’s Canada, is far from me.. well.. today is Canada but tomorrow? This could set a bad record for future decisions in your country too.


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Vancouver Winter Games 2010

The Opening Ceremony is scheduled for today…
Too bad i don’t have a little house in Canada.. 😆


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Waste some time with FineFin and MediaMeg

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How about some big time wasters ? What no ice tea ? 😛
You can play this fine games made by Herr Fin (author of dotville) and-or the Canada Free Games, which is the author of the Sift Heads series..

You can play them at the village:

Play FineFin Games
Play MediaMeg games

Or you can play them at the authors respective site:

FineFin Games

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Devil’s Brigade Lux


Devil’s Brigade Lux is a promotional game for a Tv show .
It’s a mini game in which the player can play a battle by Canadian-US unit in the Italy Campaign in WW2, risk style.

Download for:


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