Veterans Online

Veterans Online is a competitive top-down shooter. Compete in solo and team-based modes.


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JUTLAND Demo (single-multiplayer)

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UPDATE:The game demo is now using StormPowered a propietary digital game distribution, so we no longer offer a direct download of the demo.

The JUTLAND Demo is the complete JUTLAND game install. It allows you the gamer is experience the grandeur and special of this majestic simulation.

The Demo allows you an unlimited trial period to play. It included two scenarios that you can play to completion.YOu can play them as many times as you like for free. Both of these scenarios can be played in Multi-Player mode and is an excellent opportunity to try out JUTLAND’s Multi-Player features.

It also gives you the ability to get a 10 min. sneak peak at the remaining scenarios to wet your nautical whistle and give you a sense of what game’s developers are offering.
The Battle Editor (also referred to as the scenario editor), is not accessible from within the Demo version and is only available in the JUTLAND Pro Edition.


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