Humble Cryengine Bundle

CRYENGINE is now free, get started with a pay-what-you-want plus charity AAA gamemaking bundle with over 20,000 files to create your own game plus the full suite of CRYENGINE game development tools. Includes 100% exclusive assets which are royalty free and may be used in commercial projects. Plus Survival, Racing, and FPS starter projects to give you a jump start on some of the most popular genres of games. There is also a Free Campfire asset pack.


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Arena of Fate Announced

Arena of Fate is an action-packed online multiplayer game, with legendary heroes from history and fantasy coming to PC and consoles soon from Crytek.


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The Cursed Forest

The Cursed Forest is a horror game made on CryEngine Free SDK 3.4.5. Gather everything you need to perform the ritual, to clear an innocent soul from the defilement. You will not pass if you do not collect things for the ritual. Find a secret location in the game. The developer of this game is from Siberia! The game was tested on the computer: i7 860, radeon HD5870, ddr3 8gb FPS on average 50-70.


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Project Reality 2 Announced

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Project Reality 2 will be a free-to-download multiplayer game being developed on Cryengine 3 Free SDK.


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Panzar is a free-to-play, team-based, online action game, with MMO RPG elements, powered by CryEngine3.


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Can you see the enviroment reflected in the water noun? This is insane!

Anyone can now download a full version of the best All-In-One Game Development Engine, for free and use it without charge for non-commercial game development. You can try out the fastest toolset for creating game worlds and use the power of CryENGINE 3 in your own games.

Previously if i remeber correctly this was available only for universities.


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